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Our Mission

The mission of South Baltimore Learning Center (SBLC) is to improve the self-sufficiency of educationally disadvantaged adults. SBLC is a community-based nonprofit organization providing functional literacy and life skills training, in addition to career preparation services, to residents in the Baltimore Area.  SBLC is in its 25th year of operation – an incredible milestone for a nonprofit – and is now one of only a few remaining community based adult literacy organizations still in operation.

Meeting Baltimore’s Adult Literacy Needs

  • over 110,000 Baltimore City residents (18 and older) are without a high school diploma
  • 27% of adults who are 25 years or older do not have a high school diploma.
  • More than 30% of residents who did not graduate from high school are living in poverty, compared with just under 20% statewide.

Individuals without a high school diploma earn on average $18,413, vs. $26,349 for a high school graduate, and $47,422 for a college graduate.


As reported in the article Adult Literacy Needed to Close the Achievement Gap, “Addressing the literacy of adults is an essential contributing factor to academic achievement of their children” (The Post and Courier, October 2015) and NIH has concluded that “a mother’s reading skill is the greatest determinant of her children’s future academic success” (2010 Press Release).

The Programs

SBLC is the sole provider of Baltimore’s National External Diploma Program (NEDP) and offers a one-to-one basic literacy tutoring program – both offered year-round.  ABE, pre-GED and GED classes are held during 12-week fall, 12-week winter, 10-week spring and 8-week summer sessions.  SBLC runs a Community Technology Center and provides free Career/Employability services, Academic/Retention Counseling, a Drop-In Tutoring Center, and Math/Technology clinics.


SBLC provides services to on average 1,000 learners each year.


When the lives of our learners improve, it affects their families, the community – and ultimately the economy.


According to The Maryland Association for Adult, Community and Continuing Education (MAACCE) website, every dollar invested in adult education yields a return of $3.15 to Maryland economy in increased earnings within 18 months.

About SBLC

The South Baltimore Learning Center (SBLC) was started in 1990, and has grown to serve hundreds of adults each year offering a variety of educational services, many geared towards helping learners earn their high school diplomas.

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