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Words of Encouragement

Thank you for sharing words of encouragement with our learners and South Baltimore Learning Center family!
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By submitting this form, I understand that my contribution is subject to review and may not be shared for any reason as determined by SBLC staff.

Would you like to share some Words of Encouragement with the SBLC Family? Here’s what to do:

  1. Before recording, think of what you’d like to share. Maybe write it down and post it next to your camera. Keep remarks under 60 seconds.
  2. Find a place with good lighting and keep in mind what is behind you. Recording a video facing a window will shed great lighting on your face and keep you from squinting. Pull the curtains and turn off bright lights behind you.
  3. Record a short video. Introduce yourself and share the neighborhood or city where you are from (first names only, please). If you have a connection to SBLC, share that, too! Share words of encouragement, a poem, an inspirational quote, or study tips with our learners. Remember to keep it short and sweet!
  4. Upload your video to the form on the left. Note: All videos will be reviewed for content before posting. Not all videos are guaranteed to be shared.
  5. Follow South Baltimore Learning Center of Facebook and Instagram to see and share your video.

Not comfortable on screen? Send a note using the form instead!