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SBLC Staff

As a team, we are passionate about our mission and delivering high-impact outcomes!

Abdul Ali

Grants & Development Manager

  Aali@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x128

Zina Barr

Operations and Administration Manager

  zbarr@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x101

Millie Franz-Cox

NEDP Advisor & Assessor

  mcox@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x119

Ralph Gallman


  rgallman@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    100

Norma Jean Johnson

Transition Specialist

  njohnson@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x 110

Antoinette Kennedy

Senior Director of Adult Education Programs

  akennedy@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x112

Phena Long

NEDP Program Manager

  plong@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x120

James McCann

NEDP Assessor

  Jmccann@southbaltimorelearns.org  | 

Judith Moreland

Volunteer Coordinator & Lead Tutor

  jmoreland@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x105

Kelly Mundroff

Data Specialist

  kpeddicord@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x122

Melissa Smith

Executive Director

  msmith@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x108

Kelsey Petti

Intake & Assessment Specialit

  Kpetti@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x103

Phyllis Stevenson

NEDP Advisor & Assessor

  pstevenson@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x118

Sean-Toure Thames

Director of Workforce Development & Outreach

  sthames@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x129

Deonte Thomas

Instructional Specialist

  dthomas@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    x125

Chakel Walker

Learner Support and Marketing Specialist

  cwalker@southbaltimorelearns.org  |    130

Part-Time Instructors

Diana Geis

NEDP Program Manager

  dgeis@southbaltimorelearns.org  | 

Yolanda Goshay

Part Time Instructor

  ygoshay@southbaltimorelearns.org  | 

Mia Johnson

Part Time Instructor

  Mjohnson@southbaltimorelearns.org  | 

Anthony McFarlane

Part Time Instructor

  Amcfarlane@southbaltimorelearns.org  | 

John Smith

Part Time Instructor

  Jsmith@southbaltimorelearns.org  |