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SBLC Guiding Values

Respect. Equity. Inclusion. Compassion. Personal Integrity.

We share a common humanity, and respect, and support for one another. We work diligently to be our best selves. We are committed to a strong SBLC demonstrated through the equitable treatment of all that are part of our learning community.

Growth. Teamwork. Communication. Trust.

We know that each day, growth happens, and that positive, transformative change is possible. Both require clarity of purpose and intention, as well as willingness to work together, and to hold ourselves and each other accountable. We hold one another to high standards and excellence in all that we do.

Life-Long Learning.

SBLC is a life-long learning community, where learners, staff, board members and volunteers – each with unique strengths and abilities – come together to gain and give knowledge and skills.Collectively, we believe that education is a perpetual state because learning requires active listening, critical thinking and problem solving, and each are essential tools to a life of meaning and accomplishment.