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The Career Pathways Center, operated by the career counselor, is designed to prepare enrolled SBLC learners for all the opportunities that are available to them once they obtain their high school diploma. By employing the career planning and decision-making model, the career counselor assists learners with creating a career pathway plan that will guide them on a career path that encompasses their skills, talents, and interests.


In order to determine interests and skills learners complete skills and interest inventories. After interpretation on the inventory results, the career counselor will advise learners as to the best course of action to take as a means of achieving their goals.


Additionally, the career counselor assists learners with locating and utilizing financial resources for post-secondary education programs. Along with this, learns have the opportunity to learn soft-skills that will prepare them for the future. These soft-skills include such things as resume writing, interviewing and networking.


The Career Pathways Center is dedicated to preparing learners with the proper tools and skills needed for life after getting a Maryland high school diploma.


Once enrolled, check in at the Center on the 2nd floor and look for announcements regarding:


  • Job Fairs
  • Employability  and College Readiness Workshops
  • Career Mentoring Opportunities
  • Job Notices
  • Online Application Assistance

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The South Baltimore Learning Center (SBLC) was started in 1990, and has grown to serve hundreds of adults each year offering a variety of educational services, many geared towards helping learners earn their high school diplomas.

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