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“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung 
This simple yet profound quote by the ubiquitous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst reminds us that our intentional decision to act is more important than saying what one plans to do. For acting is what creates the life we choose to experience. Carl Jung is a highly revered theorist who believed that human beings are connected to each other and their ancestors through a shared set of experiences. We use this collective consciousness to give meaning to the world.
As an organization that has been supporting adults in Baltimore for 33 years, South Baltimore Learning Center (SBLC) has long been a proponent of lifelong learning while understanding that it takes a collective to spark growth and continuous improvement in others. That applies to the hundreds of learners who come through our doors (both in-person and virtually) each year eager to learn more and expand their minds and hearts. And it applies, likewise, to the SBLC team, who I have seen firsthand working individually and collectively to expand, learn, exchange knowledge and resources all while empowering our community of learners to understand that their lives are dependent on their ability to act.
As we enter the last month of the winter semester, we are excited and inspired by the steady news about learner growth including those increasing their reading and math proficiency scores, learners passing portions of the GED test, learners earning their diplomas by way of passing the GED exam or by completing the National External Diploma Program (NEDP). We are equally excited to welcome new learners who will be entering our doors for the Spring semester. As mentioned earlier, we are an organization who stays committed to learning together. This is done by engaging in purposeful professional development activities that build capacity to foster the development of the whole person.
In closing, thank you for your support of SBLC | Learning Works. Be sure to catch up with some of the exciting programs and opportunities we have going on here by following our social media networks below to see the magnificent work happening each week. Do not be afraid to like, love, and follow our content. SBLC is growing and we hope you will continue to follow us through our expansion journey.
All the best,
Melissa Smith
Interim Executive Director

Interview Ready!
SBLC’s Career Skills Academy (CSA), a 10-week program for those looking to start a new career path or enter the workforce for the first time, equips learners with job readiness skills like communication, networking, self-advocacy, resume writing, and interviewing skills. As part of the CSA, SBLC partners with two area organizations, Suited to Succeed and Sharp Dressed Man, dedicated to empowering adults by providing professional interview and work attire completely free of charge. SBLC learners visited these two trusted partners in February to select the perfect outfits. These learners, including Alfreda Watts (pictured above), are now armed with updated resumes, fully prepared for interviews, and looking extra sharp!
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Thank You, Volunteers!
Over the last 11 months, SBLC volunteers have provided close to 850 hours of tutoring with SBLC learners. This 1:1 tutoring is the final key to success for many learners on their journey to earning a diploma. We gathered in February to honor current volunteers and welcome new members of the volunteer community. Interested in volunteering? We have an immediate need for more volunteer tutors and would love to hear from you. Learn more about this and other volunteer opportunities here.